Sawn Timber

We supply larch, spruce and pine sawn timber. Double-cut timber has a rectangular cross-section, which is obtained by cutting the log lengthwise and additionally cutting the remaining two edges. The boards cut in this way are dried and are the main workpiece for further wood products. Double-cut wood is used as a construction material or various boards, beams, rafters, beams. It is also used for planing finishing products like patio boards, outdoor and indoor siding, fence elements, glued beams, and furniture elements. Graded structural timber for the construction of frame and modular houses is calibrated from double-cut spruce wood. 

Our supplied timber originates is adjusted in accordance with the requirements of the export standard GOST 26002-83. Sawn softwood can be impregnated at the customer’s request. 

We offer standard construction timber dimensions:

  • thickness – 25; 32; 50; 75; 100 (mm)
  • widths – 50; 75; 100; 125; 150; 175; 200 (mm)
  • lengths – 4000; 6000 (mm)

We can also combine orders of non-standard dimensions.