Terrace Planks

Terrace planks from larch and coniferous wood:

It is advisable to install terrace planks from larch where the ambient humidity is increased, near water bodies and it is important that the surfaces are not slippery. These include outdoor patios, poolside pools, sauna floors, garden paths, and bridges. This larch timber withstands the adverse effects of the environment much better than other types of timber. Its strength is equivalent to oak. High conductivity provides resistance to timber mould.

The standard dimensions of an outdoor terrace board are:

  • thickness 24 – 35 (mm)
  • width 95 / 120/145 (mm)
  • length 2000/3000/4000/6000 (mm)

Timber is a natural product with pores through which moisture is evaporated or absorbed. During this intense process, the timber “ages” faster, e.g. there are increasing cracks, cracks, rot for the conifer. Therefore, it is important that planed terrace planks are dried (drying relatively closed pores) in outdoor conditions up to 18%, indoors up to 12%. In outdoor conditions, it is advisable to impregnate the timber with natural specialized oils and waxes. This significantly reduces the possibility of moisture entering the wood. It is recommended to impregnate the outdoor terrace with three layers and repeat the impregnation with one layer every year. It is enough to impregnate the inside terrace with two layers and repeat every 3 years with one layer.