Lignum Solidum

Provides quality wood products for construction, industrial and distribution customers.

About us

We continuously demand more from ourselves and aim to be the best partner for our customers. 

Our primary products are sawn and finishing timber. Siberian larch, spruce as well as pine timber are the main types in our assortiment. Sawn timber can be supplied as dried until it is suitable for transport moisture or as natural. We offer both standard specifications and have the ability to produce individual orders.

Our key strength is industrial efficiency delivered through true commitment, reliability and many years of experience in the timber industry.

Siberian larch

Larch wood is classified as a hardwood by its density and weight and is equal to the strength and resistance to external influences of oak or beech wood. Due to these properties, its wood is significantly more valuable than other types of coniferous wood. Specifically Siberian larch is cold resistant and extremely rich in resins which gives an exceptionally high density and durability for its wood.