Glued Wood & Window Scantlings

Glued panels crafted from solid wood embody the essence of natural materials. The prevailing trend in architectural interior and exterior design leans towards the resurgence of natural elements. Consequently, an increasing number of individuals are embracing the use of natural materials, which not only foster a more environmentally conscious living environment but also align with the principles of sustainability. Solid wood glued panels, whether composed of solid finger-jointed or continuous lamellae, exemplify the forefront of the new era in eco-friendly architecture and timber construction. These panels, formed by skilfully joining solid wood lamellas along their edges, deliver the desired width and are exceptionally versatile, ideally suited for applications such as worktops, staircases, furniture, decorative accents, and various joinery projects.

Our offered wood types: pine, oak, birch.

Exemplifying a modern, environmentally friendly material, solid window scantlings offer a superior solution for crafting high-quality wooden windows. These scantlings surpass conventional solid timber in strength while displaying minimal distortion and a notable resistance to cracking. Additionally, they boast commendable thermal-insulating properties and exhibit remarkable resistance to deformation when subjected to rapid temperature fluctuations. Specially designed for window manufacturing, our window scantlings are available in common sections suitable for tilt & turn windows. However, it is important to note that our offerings extend beyond standard dimensions, as we possess the ability to customize the scantlings according to your specific manufacturing requirements. Comprising multiple layers of wooden lamellas meticulously glued together, these scantlings ensure optimal thickness. Each lamella undergoes meticulous finger-jointing, resulting in the elimination of knots and defects, thereby rendering all sides of the scantlings virtually flawless. Moreover, we also produce scantlings featuring fixed (solid) defect-free outer lamellas.

Our offered wood types: pine, oak.

It is worth choosing this wood as a long-term natural product that provides coziness and naturalness to your environment.