Siberian Larch

Siberian larch is a typical continental and mountain tree that grows up to 35-40 meters in height. These trees spread needles early in spring and drop them early in autumn. Also Siberian larch is cold resistant and extremely rich in resins which gives an exceptionally high density and durability for its wood. 

According to European standards, it is classified as a highly resistible type. Its resistance to insects and fungus is twice as high as that of pine or spruce wood. Larch wood is classified as a hardwood by its density and weight and is equal to the strength and resistance to external influences of oak or beech wood. Due to these properties, its wood is significantly more valuable than other types of coniferous wood. 

The wood texture is also expressive, changing shades from yellowish, pink to gray, with bright visible annual grooves. The structure of larch wood is unique due to the combination of high resin content and density, and also the resins are high in tannins. This results in additional resistance to decay and insect exposure. It can be used without additional chemical finishing. Although its surface becomes grayer and darker over time, in its internal structure it retains its properties for decades.

It is worth choosing this wood as a long-term natural product that provides coziness and naturalness to your environment.