Siding and Planed Product

Siding and Planed products from larch and coniferous wood:

Larch and softwood planed finishing products have a wide range of applications: siding for outdoor ventilated facades, interior wall sidings, construction of calibrated timber for frame and modular houses, fencing elements for fencing, gazebos, arches, pergolas, benches, benches details, stairs and so on. Timber is a natural, ecological, renewable, non-polluting natural product. Products made from it have been used for many years. Therefore, wood products will not lose their popularity in the long run.

Our company offers you a wide range of planed products. We can plan them according to our standard specification as well as your desired individual profiles from larch and coniferous wood.

The protection of timber siding from the environment is especially important for outdoor facades. They are exposed to intense sun and rain. Due to improper protection, the siding can curl and crack. Facades must be covered with adequate protection of natural paints or oils. We will advise you on how to do this and we will also suggest the right products. We can also siding or planed products that are already painted with oil or paint.  

Our recommendations for siding dimensions 
The optimal width option for outdoor siding is 120 – 145 mm. It looks nicer visually with a wider width, but a fairly wide outdoor siding will not be stable, more likely to crack and unravel faster due to the unevenness of the wood structure. The standard thickness of the outdoor siding is from 18 to 22 mm. The length is usually chosen according to the parameters of the facade.

We also offer structural calibrated spruce wood. This wood is certified and graded according to the strength standard C24. Standard specification: thickness 45 mm / width 70/95/120/145/170/195/220 mm / length from 3600/4200/4800/5400/6000 mm. This wood is used for the construction of frame and modular houses, as well as for roof constructions.